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Pests are generally many worries and stress for homeowners. Not merely are problems annoying, though they are potential health hazards, but rats, cockroaches, and flies are only a couple of cases of insects that are recognized for holding diseases. Our professionals in termite inspection Houston homeowners trust, understand that regular pest inspections can help you save money and time while providing your loved one peace of mind.

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Parker’s Pest Control Pearland has fast and reliable termite inspections, which help you identify an infestation preventing unwanted damage later on. When it relates to guarding your house against termites, we have you covered with our:


Our termite inspections are carried out by knowledgeable and licensed termite inspectors regularly updated with the best business practices and procedures. Their strategy depends on your area, construction, surroundings, and infestation level for an accurate analysis.


All our termite inspectors are educated and certified to effectively determine whether a residence is infested with termites or has favorable disorders that might result in infestation or damage. Our termite inspectors receive considerable training in deciding and managing all local termite species efficiently.


We have the most recent technology to provide you with peace of mind in your house so that it is protected against termites' risk for the long term. Our inspectors start using their local knowledge and experienced products for an extensive assessment of your home inside out based on your unique situation.

The first time you notice a possible termite problem, don’t hesitate to give us a call so the best pest control Houston residents highly recommed will help you remove and keep your house from unwanted pests that will harm your property.

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Our Termite Inspection Houston TX Process

Whether you have started paying for your house or have paid on it for many years, defend the best expenditure of everything with our extensive termite inspection service that begins with arranging an inspection with our skilled and licensed termite inspectors. After the termite inspection Houston TX homeowners depends on, a service assessment is scheduled and we stick to the steps described below:

Pre Inspection

The home office will inform you to prepare your home or property for the inspection. For instance, you are moving storage away from the inside garage walls, from the subarea entry panel, crawl space access, and under most sinks. Providing this space will enable the inspector to access all aspects of potential termite infestations, damages, or leaks.

The Inspection

Our inspector will go all over the outside of the house and draw out a diagram. Using a probing unit, our inspector will poke at any wood members available to examine them for clues of wood-destroying insect damage, fungus, or water damage. Our inspector will even search for conditions that could result in infestations or damage. For instance, indirect wood exposure to dirt, gaps in siding or trim boards, leaks, or water draining against the building. We will check for a crawl space from the entry opening for signs of infestations or damage, then review the findings and recommendations with you before leaving.

Post Inspection

We will provide a thoroughly written report with a diagram demonstrating the places of findings and their suggestions and price estimates. A standalone file will include photos of all results.

Contact us for the best pest control Houston dwellers swear by to inspect your place for possible termite damage.